Tichina Arnold and Alijah Kai,8, are do-gooders who want to spread awareness about lupus. The mother-daughter duo recently took the lupus bus, created and sponsored by the Lupus Foundation of America, to the First African Methodist Episcopal Church of Los Angeles where Tichina talked about the disease on behalf of her sister, Zenay Arnold. Both Arnold and her daughter wore purple in support of the foundation and took a tour of the 45-foot purple bus that shows the effects of the disease that claims the lives of hundreds each year in the form of eight exhibits.

Lupus is common among African Americans and Latin Americans, but awareness about the disease and its effects is scarce among these cultures. While there is no known cause or cure, the Lupus Foundation of America is working feverishly to share symptoms of the disease with communities at high risk of development.

The lupus bus will makes its way through several African and Latin American communities throughout the nation over the coarse of this year. Alijah is Tichina Arnold and Carvin Haggins' only child together.

Find out more about lupus and its effects at the Lupus Foundation of America website.



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