Bill Bellamy and son Baron get candid for the camera.

Bill's career as a comedian has grown over the years and the entertainer has his son and daughter to thank. As Bellamy explains, "It’s evolved in a great way because you have so many things to talk about. It’s like a whole other floor in a department store that you had no idea about. I have a lot of areas to pull from – being an entertainer, a dad, a person in Hollywood. My comedy takes you into the life of Bill Bellamy – what I see, what makes me crazy, what makes me laugh."

Although he enjoys being crazy and making everyone laugh, Bill has to be more conscious of the amount of time that he spends on the road now that Baron and Bailey are older. "It was great when they didn't know the days of the week. Then, it was just ‘Daddy goes bye-bye,'" explains the star. "I can’t get away with that anymore now that they know how long it is between Tuesday and Friday. The lesson there is, don’t over-educate your kids," jokes Bill.

Bill and wife Kristen Bellamy are parents to son Baron an daughter Bailey.



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