Tina and Erica Campbell, a.k.a. Mary Mary, were two moms who showed off their kids at the Pre-Emmy Boom Boom Room Party earlier this month. The singing sisters proudly stood by sons Warryn III, Erica's son, and TJ, Tina's little man, as the boys posed in their masks. TJ seemed to be more focused on other party festivities while standing next to mom for the pic.

Once Upon A Tree House hosted this year's charity event that strives to enrich the lives of underprivileged children in America. All proceeds earned from Boom Boom 2013 were given to preschool and kindergarten classrooms throughout the nation in honor of the many lives lost in the Sandy Hook tragedy.

After more than a decade of singing and traveling, Tina and Erica have decided to take a break from the music industry. The sisters announced their plans to take a pause last year after postponing an appearance in D.C. on their GO GET IT tour.

Erica has three children with husband Warryn Campbell, while Tina parents five kids with hubby Teddy Campbell. Both of the Marys can be seen with their families on this season of 'Mary Mary' the reality show, featured every Thursday at 9/10c on Wetv.




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