Amar'e Stoudemire's family is growing and coming together as one unit. The New York 'Knicks' player recently revealed that he and Alexis Welch wed last month in a private ceremony that included a few family members and close friends.

The b-ball player was overjoyed to marry his longtime girlfriend and mother of his three children telling fans, "Through all my perseverance through injuries she’s been there. Throughout pretty much my whole career she’s always been a motivating factor for me. She’s a very strong women to put up with me."

Alexis and Amar'e will get personal as they allow Tina Cervasio of MSG to profile them for a television segment. All of the Stoudemire children will be present for  taping, as Amar'e will spend time with each of them during profiling.

Stoudemire loves interacting with his kids as he tells media, "My son’s playing tackle football he’s a running back…my two daughters are in tennis and dance. So taking them to that and having that dialogue with them…those are the high moments of my life."

Amar'e and Alexis wed on December 12, 2012. The two became a couple in 2002.



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