Aden tries to give a jealous Cree a hug

Tia Mowry never saw her son's jealousy until baby Aden came on scene. It wasn't until she was holding her sister Tamera and Adam's son for the first time that she realized how jealous Cree,1, could be. "I had never seen him get jealous before, but I guess seeing Momma hold a new baby was not a sight he wanted to see," wrote Tia in her most recent blog. As a result, Mowry decided to give a few methods of curbing jealousy that she uses to divert Cree's envy to parents.

Tip #1: Prepare

"Before baby is even born, you can start involving your first child in the process. He can even come along to your pre-natal check ups and see your ultrasound! Do everything you can to make him feel included and loved, and help ingrain in him that just because he’s going to have a new sibling doesn't mean you will forget about him."

Tip #2: Interact

"Find ways that your older child can get involved when you’re taking care of the new baby.  Can they hold them? Sing to them? 'Teach' them something? Anything that includes him will help him understand that just because you have someone new to love doesn't mean you love him any less."

Tip #3: Promote

"When the older child is nearby, try to talk to baby about him out loud.  For example, you can say something like, 'Baby, look what your big brother did! He tied his own shoes. When you get older he can teach you how!' It’ll make your older child feel proud, while also helping him realize that it might actually be fun to 'show the ropes' to the baby when he or she gets older."

Cree is Tia and husband Cory Hardrict's first child together.

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