Kandi Burruss and daughter Riley engaged in a bit of fun and games after and Winter school day in January. Riley seemed to have more fun as her team beat mom's group of players.

Kandi recently accepted The Real Housewives of Atlanta producer Todd Tucker's proposal for marriage, but not before getting the approval of Riley. As Burruss explains, "Todd asked Riley for her blessings before he proposed to me, and she was standing right there for moral support when he popped the question. It meant everything to me that she was happy about it. I believe that Todd will be a great step-father to Riley."

Although Kandi does not believe that children need to meet every person that their mom or dad dates, the singer does think that kids should meet individuals who have the potential to be long term partners. "If you date someone for two years and you’re deeply in love and ready to get married before you introduce them to your child, but then they meet your child and you see they aren't good with kids or they are mean or they really just don’t connect with your child, would you still marry them? I wouldn't. So that would have been two years wasted for me," says the artist.

Riley is Kandi and ex-boyfriend Russell "Block" Spencer's only child together.




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