Kimora Lee-Simmons is the ever busy entrepreneur who is always venturing into new financial territory. The model and fashion mogul is, however, never too busy to stop and talk about her kids. Kimora recently sat down with 'Sways Universe' to discuss everything that has do with motherhood, including the teen years and co-parenting.

As a mom of a freshly turned 13-year-old, Ming celebrated her 13th birthday on January 21st, Kimora admits that she has yet to understand the ways of the teen. "I am devastated about this whole teenage thing. I don't get it," explains the fashion mogul.

Although teen years have taken her by surprise, Kimora does not have to journey the road alone. The fashionista not only has dad Russell Simmons by her side in raising their daughters, Ming and Aoki, but she also has ex-husband Dijimon Hounsou who helps co-parent the kids as well. "[Dijimon is] a great guy. We were married for almost six years," says Lee-Simmons.

Kimora is thankful to have a blended family with children who are genuinely happy as she explains, "The most important thing is I have three beautiful kids and if you ask them they'd say they have two dads, so they get double the love when it comes to their dads. They don't feel like they're lacking [in] any way. They don't feel displaced or misplaced in any way. They feel nurtured and loved and protected and free. They're free spirits. They're 3, 10, and 13. So they're happy, and if my children are happy [then] that's it for me."

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