Life is a juggling act for working mom Tamia Hill.  “I think as a working mom, you’re constantly juggling things,” the singer says. “And sometimes you drop the ball but you pick it up and hope no one’s looking. And you start juggling where you left off. You just hope no one saw you drop it — you pick it up and sneak it back in.”

"I think she actually enjoys all the wearing of the different hats and the stress and the problem solving," adds Tamia's husband of 13 years, NBA star Grant Hill. "Just to be a career woman, to juggle the career, the running of her label, being a mom, being a wife, that’s not an easy thing to do…. Each one on its own is difficult, but to do all those things at once — you know, it’s pretty amazing."

This past December, Tamia received news that she had been nominated for two Grammys.  "That was the best wake up call that day," she recalls.

"I really wasn't even thinking in that realm about Grammy nominations," continues the R&B songstress. "I was concentrating on the tour. And obviously I have two kids and a husband and trying to juggle all of those things, certainly that wasn't on my mind like that." Needless to say, she plans on bringing her daughters with her to the Award show. “They’ll be excited to go to the Grammys,” she says. “It’s like a once in a lifetime thing, right?”

The singer and her husband are parents to daughters Myla,11, and Lael,5.



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