As an actress and Oscar nominee, Viola Davis is more focused than ever on motherhood. The 'Beautiful Creatures' star recently sat down with Helena De Bertodano of The Telegraph to talk about the joys of motherhood that have her head-over-heels devoted to her daughter Genesis.

Although she spent many years building her acting career, Viola has always wanted to be a mother. As she explains, "I always wanted a child but acting is a very self-focused profession. We’re late getting married, late having children, all of a sudden you stop for five minutes and think, 'What have I been missing?'" After realizing a family was the one thing in life she didn't have, Viola decided to take action in adopting a child with husband Julius Tennon.

Now, with Genesis in tow, Davis is working harder than ever to be the best mother she can be to her little girl. "This is bringing me to my knees," says the star. "My grandmother had 18 children. Can you imagine? Even with one, I feel I’m always on survival mode, just trying to get through each day. I never thought that I could feel like such a failure but, at the same time, I’m amazed at how much I feel like the greatest hero alive."

Viola and Julius adopted Genesis in 2011. The couple parent three kids together.



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