It was an all-around victory for Los Angeles 'Clippers' player Chris Paul who took home the win and trophy after Saturday's All-Star game against the East coast. Chris, along with his teammates, triumphed over the East as the West finished with an impressive 143-138 win. Paul was later presented with the MVP Award as he served as a key contributor to his team's success.

Chris was sure to take in the experience with his son, Chris Paul II, by side telling the press prior to his MVP crowning, "It never gets old. You know, it’s my eighth year in the NBA and my sixth All-Star game, so first of all it goes fast. It goes really fast. I remember being a wide-eyed kid in my first All-Star game. Now it’s my sixth and I've actually got a son here now that gets to take it all in with me."

Chris Paul II smiled with glee as his dad accepted the MVP Award. The 3-year-old even held a miniature basketball while taking pictures alongside dad.

Chris Paul and his wife, Jada, have two children together.

Photos: AP Photo/Eric Gay/Yahoo sports



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