In agreement with Carmelo, Los Angeles 'Clippers' player Chris Paul told the press that he takes every opportunity to travel with his son. "I try to take my son everywhere," said the b-ball star. "We just got off a 15-day road trip and I ain't seen my son for two weeks. I wasn't going anywhere without him. 3-year-old Chris Paul II interjected with, "Daddy, we’re done" when he was ready to leave the press conference.

Tyson Chandler was happy to have his kids along because of the lasting memories that they'll get from being at an All-Star game. "They’ll be able to see pictures of this as they get older and really look back and see a lot of the stars of our generation. They’ll be in a picture with Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Carmelo and it’s just fun," said the New York 'Knicks' player.

Kobe Bryant also got in daddy time during the All-Star game with daughters Natalia and Gianna. One of them even sat in on practice to watch dad shoot hoops with skill. The All-Stars commemorated on Sunday (February 17) with a smash performance by Alicia Keys and the West beating out the East with a 143-138 win.



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