Mashonda Tifrere has watched as her son, Kasseem Dean Jr., has gone from diapers to school attendance. The singer recently gave the 6-year-old a lesson of her own on racism and hate.

Mashonda began with the tough subject of slavery telling Twitter fans, "Last night I made my 1st attempt to explain slavery, racism and black history month to my son. He's 6, authentically pure without hate. It was a challenge for me because I knew he wouldn't understand but so is life. I want him to know his roots/history but also to remain open minded and loving. I have faith that he will find the lesson in the stories and grow wisely from them. The way I have. Being a parent is really the most important job in the world. These seeds we plant in our children grow. We must take care of them."

Tifrere has become even more passionate about positively nourishing the seeds within her son since Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman last year. She took to her blog shortly after the horrific event unfolded telling readers, "I worry for our black men. I worry for our sons. All I can do everyday is pray for my son, and yours. We have to take a stand and make some noise. Tweet about Trayvon everyday, get active and educate yourself. Racism and stereotyping is very much alive."

Trayvon Martin was followed and subsequently shot to death by self-proclaimed neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman while en route home from a nearby market in Florida. The 17-year-old's death sparked a massive uproar and protests that called for Zimmerman's arrest and conviction, which is still in the works.

Kasseem Jr., is Mashonda and Swizz Beatz's only child together.

See throwback pictures of Kasseem Dean Jr. below!



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