Phaedra Parks is serious about exercising during pregnancy with her and husband Apollo's second child. The reality star recently sat down with OK! magazine to talk about her current workout video that is doing well with the Amazon market, and plans to create a routine especially for pregnant women.

On her current workout video.

"We’re in the top 5 Amazon workout videos currently and we've actually crashed Amazon a few times so we’re very excited about our sales—they’ve been very good. At the end of the day we made this video because I think I’m very similar to most women. I work hard I have a family, I have a career and sometimes when you think about exercise and working out as a career woman when can I fit this in so when we did the video we did it in 8 minute increments so that if you do have a busy schedule you can do 8 minutes, you can stop, do a few more minutes but you can still get your workout in and we make it accessible for everybody."

A pregnancy video in the works.

"I’m going to do a pregnancy video. Because I think when you’re actually pregnant its very good to work out and I think that’s why I was able to bounce back so fast because I worked out about 5 days a week during my first pregnancy and now I workout about 3 days a week now so I’m going to shoot a pregnancy fitness video this month. That is definitely a niche market that people don’t think about. But pregnant women want to workout and sometimes it’s not always comfortable to be in a gym atmosphere with a lot of non pregnant women. But that’s very specific as well to exercises that don’t obviously spawn labor."

Phaedra time.

"I try and get a massage at least once a week, and I have the best guy that does my pregnancy massage. I get my nails done religiously, get my hair done. But I try and take care of myself because I want to look good for my husband, but I want to look good for myself – and that’s important."

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