Alicia Keys is setting the world on fire with her tour and taking her son, Egypt, along for the ride. The 'Girl On Fire' singer recently told Entertainment Tonight that her toddler loves being on tour with her.

"It is brand new being a mom on the road," said Keys. "It's going great. He loves it. He's such a people person. He's having a great time. We have a little room set up for him at every venue, so that's great. He has all these toys and fun things to play with... It is a little juggle still kind of figuring out the timing of everything... but I'm happy that he's with me."

Adding, “He's officially a rock star, especially the other night when I looked at the clock,” she said. “It was 12:30, he was up and I was like ‘Oh no!’ He’s young enough to be able to enjoy this process and I’m happy I can show him different places in the world and he can meet different people and he's so social and engaged… I'm happy about all that, but that bedtime, ugh.”

Alicia is currently on her Set the World on Fire Tour, which began in Seattle, Washington on March 7, 2013, and will end in Israel during the month of July. Egypt is Alicia and husband Swizz Beatz's first child together.

Photo: Instagram/Youtube



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