Tyson Chandler covers GQ magazine with son Tyson II. The NBA star shows off his style as his son gives magazine subscribers a view of his muscles.

Tyson Sr. has been recognized as one who exhibits his style on and off the court. As the New York 'Knicks' player explains, "Even before I moved to N.Y.C., I realized that there are no off days. Especially in the camera-phone era. I started to look at fashion the same way I look at my games—there's always going to be someone watching you for the first time."

Individuals watching Chandler for the first time will more than likely see him in boots, as he often wears the high cut shoes to remind him of simpler times. "A lot of people don't know, but I grew up on a farm," says the NBA star. "When I'm in a pair of boots, it reminds me of where I come from. I wore cowboy boots my first ten years of existence. I played soccer in them, cleaned the house in them, of course played basketball in them—always in the dirt. They were my Go-To's. Chelsea boots are like my worlds then and now coming together."

Tyson and wife Kimberly have three kids together.




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