Kym Whitley's road to motherhood was a short ride that gave her just over an hour to decide if being a parent was right for her. The comedian recently shared her experience of becoming a first-time mom with talk show host Katie Couric.

"The 'Mommy' chapter of my life began in January of 2011," said Whitley. "Shortly after the New Year rolled in, my mother, father and I (they were visiting for the holidays from Cleveland) were kicking it and enjoying the holidays when my phone rang and a woman asked, 'Are you Kym Whitley?' 'Yes,' I responded. 'This is the hospital and we have a baby here for you.'"

Kym and Joshua

The comedian continued, "The lady at the other end...began to explain how a young woman that I had mentored told them that she wanted me to have her newborn son. I politely asked for a week or so to think about it. The woman responded, 'You have an hour and a half.'"

With a limited amount of time and her parents by her side, Whitley decided to adopt. Although still learning the tricks and trades of parenting, Kym doesn't regret exchanging her party card for motherhood. "I believe that Joshua was supposed to be my son. I believe that my mom and dad were meant to be here in L.A. when he arrived. I believe that if we’re open to life’s blessings, sometimes they arrive in a miraculous way," explains the comedian.

Joshua is Kym's first child. He will be featured on the celeb's reality show, 'Raising Whitley', later this month. See recent pictures of Joshua below!

Watch a preview of "Raising Whitley" below:



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