Updated 12:11pm: Eric Wright and his wife Latanya welcomed their daughter Reagan on April 14th. Proud dad Eric writes via Twitter, "My greatest accomplishment.. April 14th, 2013 10:41am Reagan Joelle Wright entered this world like a young G..... I'm so happy to finally be a father!"

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It may be off-season for Eric Wright and the Tampa Bay 'Buccaneers' but the football player is anything but off. Wright recently blogged about his and wife LaTanya's excitement about baby number one, and the cornerback is indeed hard at work.

"It's an exciting time," wrote Wright. "I think I'm ready. I'm in a good space. But you're never going to be 'ready' ready. LaTanya has taken the whole pregnancy very well, and hasn't had any major complications or anything like that. She's been great."

Eric and LaTanya have attended several birthing classes together since football season ended and learned much from the teacher and other couples. "We did the accelerated course, which is just two classes, but they're each three hours long," explained the NFL star. "You learn a lot in those classes. Of course, the breathing techniques are part of it. But there were probably about 10 couples in the class, and we learned about each of them, what they were going through in terms of sleeping patterns, eating patterns and what that may mean, about where the baby is positioned, and each course of pregnancy. It's really just a chance to listen to other couples [and] talk about some of their experiences."

Eric and LaTanya announced their expectancy last year. The couple wed several months ago.

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