Riley Curry is the little one who keeps dad on his toes. Stephen Curry recently took the cameras around town for a 'Day In the Life Of' experience, and showed off his adorable daughter first.

The basketball player began his day at the breakfast table with Riley. Curry didn't leave the house before feeding his little one and singing a Disney song to her. "My wife does a lot of that (feeding and singing) while I'm on the road, so it's nice to help her out while I'm at home," explained Curry. "[Riley] definitely loves her oatmeal and Mickey Mouse is a big time favorite. Me and my wife sing all the songs around the house all day."

Despite having several knee injuries that kept him out for much of the season, Curry was able to show off his skills during the playoff game against the 'Nuggets' earlier this week. The Golden State 'Warrior' was every bit excited to play telling media that this year has been quite phenomenal.

"I was talking to my family along the way. They just made me realize how blessed I am to kind of have the calendar year I've had. It’s been really crazy," said Curry. "Missing 40 games last year to finish off the season, battling the ankle surgery, some big things in my family life, having a baby and now having a great year as a team and individually and getting your first playoff experience. And obviously the record, too. It’s been a great ride and they remind me of that every day. And that’s what I need."

Riley is Stephen and wife Ayesha's first child together. The couple wed in 2011.



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