Wendy Williams is a busy, working mom on the go. The celeb recently spoke with Parade about her time at home with husband Kevin Hunter and son Kevin Jr., telling the media source that dinner at the table is not something they do often.

"I enjoy cooking, and my family appreciates it. But we don’t eat together," said the star host. "I usually dip into the pot, so by the time I’m plating I’m already full. My little Kevin eats at the computer in the kitchen, and my husband eats when he gets around to it. You have to grab family time when you can, but sitting together at the table is not something we do."

Williams also explained to the press her reasoning behind not pestering women about having children saying, "I've had a bunch of miscarriages, and I begged God for little Kevin. But it was a difficult pregnancy, not a joyful time for me. I've learned that it can be a very personal thing to ask someone about."

Wendy, who recently celebrated the release of her new book Ask Wendy and her Broadway debut in play Chicago, gave birth to her only child Kevin Jr. in 1999. He is her and Kevin Sr.'s only child together.



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