Amber Sabathia has vision, poise, and candy. The wife of MLB player CC Sabathia recently debuted her children's clothing line, 'CCandy Clothing,' and it's making a splash on Facebook.

Amber hopes to capture the essence of fun with her brand, having t-shirts along with sweatshirts that scream 'Baseball fan.' The shirts are simple tees with the New York 'Yankees' emblem pasted on the front and the phrase, 'I Want Cotton Candy' on back. Amber's sweatshirts are a bit more complex with the option of hoodies or windbreaker styles available.


All of Amber's kids-Carsten, Carter, Cyia, Arie-and husband are in full support of her new clothing line, as they serve as models for her line while holding candy in the pictures featured. Mrs. Sabathia will have a Premiere Trunk Show tomorrow (May 31), which will allow friends and family to purchase favored items and spread the good news about 'CCandy Clothing.'

Find out more about Amber's brand at her website.



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