The Harts hanging out backstage with the OMG Girlz! at Nick Cannon's Leadership Campaign event last month. Torrei Hart recently sat down with The Jasmine Brand to talk about her life as a mom and entertainer.

Although many have classified her as a comedienne, Torrei told The Jasmine Brand that she is an actress at heart. "I’m a comedic actress but I don’t consider myself a comedienne," said the star. "Comedians are a little crazy and I would like to think I've overcome my craziness. I’m not crazy. Comedic actress, a mom and whole lot of other things too. Writer, producer, there’s so much to me."

The actress also talked about co-parenting with ex-husband Kevin Hart and how she makes the process work for the sake of her kids, Heaven and Hendrix. "[Kevin and I] had our ups and downs during the divorce. Right now we’re good at good parenting, were excellent actually at co-parenting, because he is working a lot, and when I work he comes and gets the kids and we just try to make it work. I wouldn't want my kids to ever see us not getting along, or feel like ‘Okay, my parents can’t work it out.’ I feel like as long as you put the kids first, then you can do it and it does take time," explained the actress.

Kevin and Torrei wed in 2003 after several months of courtship. The couple filed for divorce in 2010, citing irreconcilable differences as their reason for requesting the marriage be dissolved.





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