Eric Benet has been one busy artist, touring the world and writing new music. Although he has a lot on his plate, the singer doesn't neglect family as he recently told that he plans to take a bit of time off from touring to hang out with his wife and child.

"I’m going to [go home] and start working on some of the Jordan House artists," said Benet. "Our labels has been signing a few artists and we’re working in the studio with them. I’m gonna start working on a new Eric Benet record and in the midst of all that, just try to be daddy. My wife and I just recently had this beautiful new baby girl Lucia. She’s 17 months old and she is amazing."

Eric opened up about both of his daughter's, Lucia and India, achievements telling, "[Lucia's] singing non-stop. My daughter India is 21. She makes me proud every day. Her third year at the University of Southern California and just doing so well and making incredible music and just being the other love of my life. So I've just got my work cut out for me."

Eric and wife Manuela Benet welcomed Lucia into the world in December 2011. The 1-year-old is the couple's first child together. India is Eric and Tami Marie Stauff's daughter.



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