Wiz Khalifa is coming out with his third studio album and has his son, Sebastian, to thank. The rapper recently told Twitter fans that he will be releasing his album, entitled Blacc Hollywood, later this year tweeting, "Im droppin an album later this year too. & namin dat b*** 'Blacc Hollywood.'"

Wiz hinted to having another record in the making a few weeks ago when he told 'Big Boy's Neighborhood' that his son gave him inspiration to do more music. "I actually haven’t told anyone that I was working on a album yet, [but] yeah, I’m working on another album. I’m planning on dropping it this year. I wasn't going to, but I got like so much motivation, I've been having so fun having my son. I feel like it will be a great time to just put out a really dope, relevant project and kill it again," said the rapper.

Khalifa told MTV in March that baby Bash gave him permission to get back to work saying, "He's letting me get back to work, so it's good. We talked about that the other day; he let me know it was cool."

Sebastian is Wiz and model Amber Rose's first child together. He was born on February 21, 2013.



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