Jill Scott is expanding her musical horizons to include children's lullabies. The singer recently revealed that she is working on an album made especially for kids at bedtime that should accomplish the hard task of putting little ones to sleep.

"This is phenomenal music, phenomenal lyrics and it’s so good for you – it’s so good for you," said Jill. "[You can] turn that joker up, walk out the room, [and] let them (the kids) learn how to go to sleep." Scott gave birth to her son, Jett, four years ago, which inspired her to begin writing lullabies for a children's album.

The singer is currently in preparation for a trip down under as she is scheduled to tour Australia later this year. Although releasing an album is on her list of to-do items,  Scott told media that she's debuting it on her own time. "My plan is to release two albums within my calendar year; I started in April, so for me the time is up in April [2014]. I’ll release the first record around November/December and the other one in Spring," explained the singer.

Scott gave birth to Jett on April 20, 2009. He is the only child between her and ex-fiance Lil' John Roberts.

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