Jada Pinkett-Smith wants her kids to shoot for the moon. The actress recently took to her Facebook page to encourage Jaden, Willow, and her 'bonus son'  Trey to chase after their dreams and stop at nothing to accomplish their goals in life.

Jada wrote,

"Explore. Create. Give yourself as much room to fail, as well as the room to succeed. Use a little of the old while ushering in a whole lot of the new. Develop into your own opinion leader. Need no approval. Be courageous. Be humble. Be loving. Be respectful. Learn about everything. Remember there is more than one truth. The best armor in life is self-love and respect. Don't trap yourself with the desire of wanting to be liked. Be respected. Trust yourself to be your own confidant. Tell yourself yes more often than no. Don't take this world personally. Know that every person you come across has something powerful to teach you, especially enemies. Never fail to deliver on your word. Never make yourself smaller for ANYONE. This world is yours in any way that suits you. Live."

The letter of advice comes days after Willow released her and DJ MVSIC Fabrega's new music video, 'Summer Fling,' that received a bit of criticism from the public. Many enjoyed the song, while others thought it was too mature for a 12-year-old. Jada and husband Will Smith have two kids, Jaden and Willow, together. Trey is Will's son with ex-wife Sheree Fletcher.



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