Snoop Lion, a.k.a. Snoop Dogg, and the family attended the screening of DreamWorks Animation's TURBO at Arclight theater in Los Angeles on Tuesday (July 16). The rapper, along with his two sons and daughter, were in color sync as they hosted the event for the Snoop Youth Football League.

TURBO is the story of one snail who carries the dream of becoming the next Indy 500 champion. With the help of his friends, and an urgency ensued by a freak accident, the everyday garden insect may just turn out to be the next great racing warrior.

Snoop Lion is one of several cast members in the movie, serving as 'Smoove Move' in the film. "[Snails] mostly get stepped on, you know? People put salt on them. You know, they just get treated real bad, so for them to have a big story where it's a feel-good story and I get to be one? This is cool, baby," said the rap star when asked about his decision to become a cast member.

Snoop and wife Shante have three children-Cordell, Corde, and Cori-together. TURBO is available for viewing at a theater near you.



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