Danny Jr.


The Kirkpatrick kids have a lot of love and want to extend a bit to you. Lyric,2, and Danny,6, were recently photographed by dad Danny Kirkpatrick Sr., a.k.a. "I Am Compton," while wearing matching clothes and beautiful smiles. Lyric looked just like her mom, Kyla Pratt, while posing next to her big brother, and Danny Jr. seemed to be delighted to have a candid moment with his sister. "At the End of the Day no Matter how tough life get Always find something or someone to make u smile," tweeted Danny Sr. along with the pic.

Kyla Pratt previously told media that she and Danny drown out the public's criticism of their relationship with family fun. "We just try to have fun and focus on love and not on the opinions of others," said Pratt. "We have my daughter and he has a five-year-old son, so we have to maintain our sanity for them. People have opinions and that's fine. I have my opinions on other people. But its not my business to put my opinion out there. Why do I care what you have got going on?"

Kyla is one of several entertainers starring in BET's 'Let's Stay Together.' Lyric is her first child with Danny Kirkpatrick Sr.

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