The Dean Brothers with Uncle Cole Cook


Swizz Beatz has two successors who go by the names of Egypt and Kasseem Dean Jr. The proud father recently filmed his sons while they were making beats and waves in a music studio. Egypt and Kasseem looked confident as they mixed and combined sounds to create a beautiful selection. Swizz was so proud of his little men that he shared the moment with Instagram fans tweeting, "Brother Beatz KJ&EGY Mpc take over."

Egypt and Dean have been spending a lot of time together as of late, being photographed while in restaurants and on airplanes by dad. Swizz told social media fans that fatherhood is something that he is grateful for a few weeks back, and hasn't hesitated to share cute photos and videos of his kids pursuing their ambitions since then.

Swizz and wife Alicia Keys have one child, Egypt, together. Beatz has four kids in all. Click on picture below to play video and See another video HERE.


Below are more pictures of the duo and a few of them hanging out with their big brother Nasir, their dad Swizz Beatz, and their uncle Cole Cook.



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