Ray Allen Sr. is passionate about diabetes awareness and his son. The sports player recently told media that it was his great pleasure to stand before Congress and discuss the effects of the disease that has plagued Walker and thousands of other children throughout the nation.

"I [went] in there as an NBA player that has a voice," said Allen. "I'm a father that wants a cure for my son and his diabetes. The senators got a chance to see the face of diabetes, these little kids who have nothing to do with why they have the disease."

Ray told the press that he hoped his talks with Congress would spread awareness about the disease and bring about serious conversation concerning diabetes. "My hope going in there was to create enough noise to make people understand this is a serious disease and I live with it every single day. And to make sure no kids lose their lives because they were misdiagnosed and their parents understand the warning signs," said the sports player.

Allen also discussed his son's experience as a diabetic saying, "[He] handles it in stride. Over the summer, he's kind of bucking taking his medicine. He takes it, but I can tell he's starting to grow and he wants to be over it. He's angry. He sees other kids running off into the distance and not worrying about anything."

Walker was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2008 on the brink of his father winning an NBA championship for the Boston 'Celtics.'




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