There is no sibling rivalry between these two! Ne-Yo recently told ABC News that his kids Mason,1, and Madilyn,2, are inseparable, always keeping the other sibling's best interest at heart.

"They are definitely not what me and my sister were growing up," said the artist. "They look out for each other. If Mason is crying, Maddie is right there to see what’s wrong. They absolutely love each other."

In addition to adoring her little brother, Madilyn has a great love for anything "Hello Kitty" and “Dora the Explorer.”

“She is 2 years old and, I swear to you, she picks out her own clothes,” he said. “Like, we’ll give her a couple options, lay a few out on the bed, and she’ll go, ‘No dada, not that one, this one!’ She picks her own clothes, puts her own outfits together. It’s amazing.”

Ne-Yo also talked about hi ex-girlfriend, Monyetta Shaw, and a career that often keeps him away from home. "The mother of my children, she’s def there, just making sure they know who daddy is. Even though daddy can’t always be around when they want him there, they definitely know daddy loves them and he’s doing what he does for them," explained the artist.

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