Sean Combs, a.k.a. Diddy, doesn't do business without his pen, paper, and kids. The rap mogul recently brought his daughters and son, Christian, to work with him on collaborating new ideas and revamping old ones in his New York office. Diddy shared the moment he had to brainstorm with D''Lila, Jessie, and Chance with social media fans tweeting, "In the office with my girls #CombsWeStartEarly #FutureQueens #ProudDad" beside a picture of the four talking.

Combs has been hard at work creating a television channel that will bring the goodness of music back to the small screen. 'Revolt TV' will be centered around the best and brightest artists in the music industry today, showcasing their work for all of cable to see.

Although excited to feature up-and-coming singers and musicians, Diddy admitted to USA Today that earning a spot on his channel will not be an easy task. "We're looking for greatness, we're looking for great stars, we're looking for people who have something to say," said the rapper. "Our bar is extremely high; it's highly curated. There are other places artists will be able to get exposure, but when you make it to Revolt you will feel you've been authorized."

Diddy has six kids in all.



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