Tami Roman is taking on the beauty industry with her daughters, Jazz and Lyric, by her side. The reality star recently did a photo shoot with her daughters that promoted her new brand, TR Hair Collection, which she hopes will take the beauty and cosmetics market by storm.

"Over the past few years, I've had the opportunity to work with some really great hair companies (Glamluxe, Indique), in which I've learned a lot about what it takes to offer above grade quality hair. So, I've decided to try again with my own CURLY hair line called the TR Hair Collection," wrote Roman on her blog. "I simply want you to have the best curly hair in the game and hope you will visit [my website]," detailed the star.

Tami recently told VIBE Vixen that her kids and ventures in business consume the majority of her time these days. "Most of the time, I don’t have free time," said the reality star and actress. "I have two daughters one’s in college, the other’s a senior this year. So I’m always at basketball games or a parent teacher conference. I try to spend time with my daughters as much as I can. Outside of that I got TR ‘Love’ cosmetics which is my lip gloss and nail polish line, and that’s doing very well—it will be in Walgreen’s this fall. So that has really taken a lot of my time. I’m excited about that because you start these ventures and you just hope people support you. I got the TR jewelry collection with a company called BFoxy.com so I’m always promoting that. I’ve got NV Clinical which I’m a national spokesperson for them. In all of that, I have no dating life. So if you can include [in the write-up] for me that I would just like to date sometimes (laughter) ‘cause the toys are getting and old and I would just like a human touch."

Tami Roman and her daughters are featured weekly on this season of 'Basketball Wives,' which airs on VH1's network every Monday at 8PM (EST). Lyric and Jazz are Tami's kids with ex-husband Kenny Anderson. Find out more about Roman's hair collection at her website.

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