Egypt Sherrod and Keke Wyatt did sisterhood with their kids over the weekend as both celebrities brought their little ones with them to the 'For Sisters Only' (FSO) event in Atlanta. Keke's son walked around with mom, matching Wyatt from head to toe with red and denim. Egypt's daughter, on the other hand, preferred to be held as Sherrod's husband, DJ Mike Jackson carried her around in his arms.


'For Sisters Only' was a smash hit in Atlanta, as it featured celebrities and incentives for women of all ages to enjoy. Attendees learned much about fashion and economics at the expo, including the keys to living a foreclosure-free life and what's in for Fall. Local vendors packed the Georgia World Conference Center out, giving promotions and samples to guests. There was also a job fair and hair show from which attendees benefited.


Egypt Sherrod is a television personality best known for her role as co-host on 'Home Delivery.' She and DJ Mike have one child together with Egypt having two kids in all. Keke Wyatt has five kids in all, including two with her husband, Michael Ford. 'For Sisters Only' is in its 20th year of operation.

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