Nate Robinson and his clan frown up for the camera as they take a classic family photo. The basketball player holds his sons and daughter close while giving his game face to the lens. "Meet the Robinson's #teamrobinson #stateofnatephoto [email protected] a great shot ... I love my babies... My reasons to keep working hard staying [email protected]@nyalerobinson#stateofnayvi," tweeted the athlete after the photo was taken.

Robinson previously told media that his kids keep him in the game sharing with Sun Times, " I’ve just got to get out there and grind. I’ve got to work harder than a lot of guys in the league, and I’ve been doing it my whole life. It’s nothing new for me. I’ve got three kids, so that keeps me hungry."

Nate recently signed a $4 million contract for two years of playing with the Denver 'Nuggets' after filling in for Derrick Rose as a Chicago 'Bulls' player this past season. The b-ball player has told media that he gives the game his all regardless of what team he's playing for. "I play with my heart. I try to play the game the right way," explained Nate. "I play for my teammates and for the fans. I try to do it for all the little kids out there that people [say] can't do it. I try to lead by example by playing my heart out, playing my ass off, and just continuing to be there every game. I do all the little things: diving on the floor, if I can block a shot, I try to do everything. I try to be good at everything, it has been carrying me over my career and I think the fans respect that. They respect the fact that I go so hard and I don't let anybody stop me from accomplishing my goals."

Robinson has three kids in all.



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