Although considered by many to be a trendsetter, Solange Knowles views herself more as a student of life.  Knowles will let anyone, including her son Julez, teach her a thing or two.

The singer tells Angel Laws of website Concrete Loop, "Every day I’m learning something. We were at Coney Island the other day and you know those shorts that have the names on the butt? I had one that said Brooklyn and it was tie dye and i thought they were super ill and he was like, ‘That’s inappropriate for your age..” and I was like “Excuse me..?” And he said, “Those are made for seventeen year old girls..” He definitely keeps it real when no one else [does]. The level of honesty and youth is just so raw and unfiltered. He’s also just such an eclectic kid… I’ve been so blessed for him to be able to travel with me, to experience and to have the exposure he’s had. And also just go back to Houston with his dad and just kick it. He’s definitely a very spirited kid. And everyday just inspires me…"

While rearing a boy in the city is a challenge, Solange says that she manages by being honest with her son. "I really try to keep him as open to all of those social issues [as possible]," explains the celeb. "There’s been arguments of what’s too young to introduce those conversations. But I think the earlier you have a sense of the real world and the truth, the earlier you’re able to develop those decision making tools when you’re in those positions. It’s a reality."

Julez is Solange's only child with ex-husband Daniel Smith. He will celebrate his ninth birthday on October 18, 2013.



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