Paul Pierce and the family put on their best wear for an unforgettable family photo. The NBA star holds his son as the camera captures the little one in all of his cuteness. Prince Paul is the epitome of royalty in his  getup, having mom and dad support him while he brings his magic to the photo shoot.

Pierce recently told media that he is happy to be playing for Brooklyn after years of labor with Boston. "I've been playing in Boston my whole career, so this was an opportunity to see what the bright lights, big city was all about," said the ballplayer. "It seems like the world starts right here in New York. Why would you ever want to leave? It’s amazing."

Although he has been playing ball for years, Paul told the press that he's not aiming to force his son into athleticism if that's not the path he wants to take. "I can’t ask him to try to be like his dad. Whatever his path is going be, it will be. And I just want to put all the best opportunities out there for him," explained Paul.

Pierce gave insight into life at home as just dad saying, "They don’t care about Daddy playing basketball—they don’t care about Daddy having a bad game. When I come home, it’s all hugs and kisses. Before I had kids, I’d be down for a couple days after a bad game. But now if I have a bad game, I go home and the kids don’t care. They’re just smiling and want to come hug me and they’re happy that I’m home. I love it."

Paul and Julie parent three kids together. Prince is their only son.

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