Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are thinking of more than just their son in this world. The loving couple are also thinking of abused and neglected kids who are taken from unhealthy environment only to deal with a foster care system that gives even more instability and abuse. Alicia and Swizz recently attended 'The Children's Rights' gala in New York, looking fly and serious in their formal wear.

Keys rocked a black dress that had an edgy split in the chest area, while Swizz showed off his sense of style and creativity in a gray blazer with black slacks and bow-tie. Beatz was on point with color coordination as his shoes, although they were a different shade of gray, matched the blazer well.

The Children's Rights organization is a national advocate for reform in the children's welfare system. Among the thousands of children in foster care, few will be taken in by guardians and even fewer will be welcomed with love. The Children's Rights seeks to change the odds by spreading awareness about the flawed system and encouraging the informed to take action.

Swizz Beatz has been an active supporter of the organization for several years and was the recipient of the Children's Rights Champion Award last year. Egypt is the producer's first child with Alicia.

Find out more about The Children's Rights here.



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