Cali Dream was dressed and ready for praise and worship on Sunday morning as she attended City of Refuge Church in Gardena, California with dad this past weekend. Jayceon Taylor, a.k.a. The Game, brought his kids with him to church after watching his mother rapidly recover from a cardiac arrest episode.

"My mother had a heart attack & went into a coma on MONDAY, woke from the coma on TUESDAY, had full body X-Rays & tests on WEDNESDAY, got prepped for surgery on THURSDAY, had heart surgery on FRIDAY, pulled through successfully & rested all day SATURDAY....So you know I had to come see my Bishop Noel Jones & give up to The Lord for all he's done for my mama this week," tweeted the star. The rapper added, "A family that prays together, STAYS TOGETHER."

Jayceon has openly claimed Christianity as his religious preference since 2012, telling media about his church attendance and giving his latest album the title of Jesus Piece. The rapper previously gave insight into his decision to name the album as such saying, "I'm calling it 'Jesus Piece' 'cause last year in August I got baptized and so I've been going to church, but I still been kinda doing me out here. I still love the strip club and I still smoke and drink. I'm faithful to my family, so I wanted to make an album where you could love God and be of God, but still get it poppin' in your life."

The Game has two kids, Cali Dream and King Justice, with Tiffney Cambridge. The rapper has three children in all.


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