Idris Elba is one dad who is protective of his tween daughter. The actor tells Playboy magazine that the thought of Isan getting too close and personal with a boy terrifies him to no end.

"I’m very protective of my daughter and who she hangs out with," says the star. "You can drive yourself nuts as a parent, thinking about what boys do and what I got up to as a kid. If my kid got up to that same stuff, I’d be horrified."

Idris also talks about his run-in with drugs as a young man, which now causes him to be even more observant of Isan's friends. "I'm not gonna lie — I've tried everything, just between you, me and the people who read this magazine. I've tried it all. I played one of the biggest drug dealers in the world on TV, so you think I'd know what I was talking about," explains the actor.

Elba tells Playboy that roles on television and film have given him much popularity saying, "When I wasn't on TV or in films, I didn't get any special attention when I went out. Some beautiful people always attract attention. I didn't until I got on television. So I'm on these lists only because I'm on TV."

Isan is Idris' only child. The actor's full interview with Playboy is available in the magazine's current issue.



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