Hats off to Joie Chavis for having great co-parenting skills! Bow Wow recently doted on the mother of his child, telling Instagram fans that she has been nothing but patient and understanding with him.

"I'm so thankful for my daughters mom," wrote the rapper. "We been through so much and we grew out of the b* to such a ill place. Hopefully we can show younger parents that you dont have to fight argue or hate each other. Thank you for understanding me and putting up w/ allll my s*** but she official and thats why she got my 1st. It aint nothing. Real men hold that s*** down! Fellas hold it down! Make an effort!"

Bow Wow shared a picture of his and Joie's daughter a few weeks ago, capturing a precious moment where he was holding her close and she was looking at the camera. "Your my ace your my lil Patna in crime. You are me. You have something i always wanted. A mom and dad to be there...Love you im your biggest fan," gushed the star.

Shai Moss is Bow Wow and Joie's only child together. She was born in April 2011.



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