"Cyias party wasn't complete without her own petting zoo," shared proud mom Amber. The baseball wife also posted a picture of her hitting the dance floor with her son. "I can only imagine what our Mother-Son Dance will be like at his wedding...when your son pulls you in the dance circle and you both get crunk!"

The Sabathia battle of the parties is becoming a sort of family tradition. Last year the birthday kids had a myriad of sweet goodies and a dance floor that made everyone want to "get crunk." Amber, however, commented on her son preferring CC's way of grooving over her own. "I’m not cool enough to be in the dance circle, but Dad is," asked the celebrity mom. "He has no idea where he gets his Swag from!"

Although Amber received shade last year, her kids definitely gave her love this year. Amber and CC Sabathia have four kids together. The couple's youngest child, Carter, was the only one who did not celebrate a birthday this week.

See more pictures from the party, and video footage of the party's pastry table, below!



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