Expanding the family is not easy for Tami Roman who shares her struggles with infertility on the latest episode of The Doctors. The reality star and her boyfriend, Reggie Youngblood, take viewers inside their quest to become parents.

"I love Reggie today, I’ll love him 20 years from today. But my love for him wants him to be happy and if we can’t have a child, I don’t think he’ll be happy somewhere down the road and so I would have to let him go," Roman shares through tears.

Watch the reality star and her boyfriend discuss their experience during a recent visit with fertility specialist Dr. Tina Koopersmith!



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  1. Kudos to Tami & Reggie a beautiful Black couple.Don’t let doctors tell you that you can’t conceive a baby true you are up in age (and look fabulous) it’s in Gods hands he has the say so pray on it believe it, and remember if it’s not Gods will for you to carry a baby he has a plan for you both there are so many Beautiful Black kids and babies that need two loving parents such as Reggie and yourself. Good luck to you both!

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